Installing Dictionary Data Separately

1 English version

The CrossDict since version 2.0 will be released separately with the dictionary data.

You can install the GCIDE dictionary data from Google Play directly, or you can download it from Sina Vdisk and install it manually if you can't access Google Play.

The first time you run the CrossDictGcide dictionary data APK, it will take some time to copy the data files to sdcard. Please wait patiently. After it is finished, you can safely uninstall it to save storage space.

It has 2 advantages arranged this way:

  1. Ease of upgrading the dictionary software.
  2. Saving storage space by uninstalling the dictionary data APK.

2 中文版本


你可以从Google Play直接安装GCIDE字典数据,或者如果你不能使用Google Play的话也可以从 新浪微盘 上下载安装。

第一次运行这个字典数据APK的时候,它需要花一段时间(几十秒钟的样子)把数 据文件拷贝到sd卡上。请耐心等待。拷贝结束后,你可以安全的将此字典数据 APK从设备中卸载而不影响使用。


  1. 字典软件本身的升级变得更加方便。
  2. 卸载字典数据APK可以节省存储空间。