Donate for my free software effort

1 If you want to donate through Paypal

First of all, thank you for encouraging my FLOSS effort with a small amount of money. Maybe it's the beagrep, or the org-jira, or CrossDict, or maybe just reading my github pages? Whatever it is, please drop me an email or @baohaojun on (if you are a sina weibo user) to tell me if it's not too much trouble.

Secondly, I need to explain to you that I'm in a country where I can't make a donation button from Paypal, and can only make a "buy" button. Please don't feel confused about it, because that is my only choice to accept money encouragement from people through Paypal.

Donation amount

2 如果您想通过淘宝向我捐款

谢谢您对我的鼓励。不论您是喜欢我开发的beagrep,还是org-jira,还是我写的 CrossDict,或者只是喜欢我的某几篇博客,如果可以,请给我 发一封邮件 或者 在新浪微博上 @baohaojun 告诉我。

我的支付宝收款主页是 您也可以在捐款时给 我留言。