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1 About Me

I am a software engineer. I write some open source code, mainly to scratch my own back at first, but I also want it to be more useful to other people.

I use dvp – Programmer Dvorak as my keyboard layout, use the same Input Method(s) under Windows/Linux/Emacs, all developed by myself. Just to show you what a geek I am:-)

2 Projects

  • beagrep

    Beagrep is a fork of beagle, which is a desktop search engine; I hacked beagrep to make it more suitable for precise searching, such as code reading.

    It has both Linux and Windows version.

  • org-jira

    Brings org mode and Jira together.

  • SDIM

    SDIM, or Shadow Dance Input Method, is an input method I develop and use myself only. It is available under 3 platforms, Linux, Windows, and Emacs.

  • Semi Offline Wikipedia

    It is a fork of this project. I fixed some bugs, updated the mediawiki base version, and added one major feature: allow fetching pictures when connected to the net (thus the word Semi in the name).

    It uses the beagrep project for fast searching.

  • refactory-rename

    A script for one important refactory activity: renaming.

    Supports refactoring any kind of programming language source code.

  • Misc

    A lot other stuff I wrote. I always try to write something when I face a repetitive problem, even when it's very simple.

    You can find them under system-config.git. This project used to be named windows-config, but I have bitten the bullet and renamed it, because it's only by chance that I was using Win32 when I started the project for Cygwin configuration; most of the stuff can be used on all major POSIX platforms.